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Week Of: June 10, 2024

Hot 108 Jamz - Hip Hop Radio
Streaming hip hop online 24/7.

1Power - Hits And Hip Hop Radio
Top hits and hip hop online now..
Top Requested Track @ #1 is:
Doja Cat - Woman

The Hitlist - Best Hit Music Mix
The music at the moment.

Listen To 80s Music
Top 80's Hits

Real R&B - Radio
The best mix of R&B songs.

Double 0's - Y2K Hits
Music from the 1st Decade Of the 2000's.

Old School Radio Hits
Listen To Backbounce

About PowerHitz

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Welcome To Powerhitz
Powerhitz is a network of internet radio stations and is among one of the most popular worldwide. 

Powerhitz has some of the most influential stations such as Hot 108 Jamz, 1Power, The Hitlist and many more that were established by Joey B. owner of JB Media Group.

You can enjoy a wide variety of music genres.  The Powerhitz network includes Pop/Top 40, Classic Rock, Country, Hip Hop And R&B, and multiple Decades channels. 

Each of our channels has a dedicated Program Director.  This means that all of our stations are carefully curated daily by "humans" -- not a computer algorithm or randomly generated playlists like you'll find on many other internet radio stations. All of our music programmers are experts in their particular music genre.  All of our  music programmers spend many hours daily handcrafting our music mixes. You'll hear the difference right away!

Some of our "Active" music channels include:  1Power, Hot 108 Jamz, The Hitlist, Total Country, Real R&B.  These stations have trending music that is constantly being updated daily, sometimes even hourly to match the current music trends and national music charts.  The term "Active" means that these stations focus more on the activity of music charts and listener request demand. 

We also have stations that are focused on "Historical Hits"  This means these channels are playing time tested classics from a particular time frame (or era) and therefore they are not active.  Examples of stations in our network like this are "Decades" stations, like Ultimate 80's and 90's Area.  These stations aren't actively adding new music because they are focused on the historical hits of their time period.  However, you'll hear many hundreds, if not thousands of different songs on these stations because they span a decade or more of time-tested hits!

The list below is a description of the Powerhitz stations  currently available and their Genres:

The Hitlist - Top 40/Pop (Mainstream Contemporary Hit Radio)

1 Power - Rhythmic Top 40 (Hits & Hip Hop)

Hot 108 Jamz - Urban Contemporary Hits (Hip Hop And R&B)

Total Country - Contemporary Country Hits

The Planet - Alternative Rock

Real RnB - R&B Hits (Contemporary And Classic R&B)

Bumpin Classic Soul -  Urban AC (70's/80's Classic Soul + R&B)

The Office Mix - Adult Contemporary Hits (Hits From The 70's Through Today)

Ultimate 80's - 80's Pop Hits

90's Area - 90's Pop Hits

Double 0's - 2000-2009 Pop Hits

Pure Classic Rock - Classic Rock (Classic Rock From The 60's, 70's & 80's)

Timeblender - Classic Hits (Pop/Top 40 Hits From The 60's, 70's & 80's)

Backbounce - Old School Jams (Classic Hip Hop Hits)

The Heart - Love Songs (from 3+ decades)

Wild 99 - A Miami based stream playing a mix of Top 40 Hits

Smoov - Smooth Jazz Hits

Glory 107 - Gospel Hits

Christmas Hits - Classic 24/7 Christmas Hits

To get started listening to any of these stations, simply choose a station on the home page.

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