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Week Of: April 29, 2024

Hot 108 Jamz - Hip Hop Radio
Streaming hip hop online 24/7.

1Power - Hits And Hip Hop Radio
Top hits and hip hop online now..
Top Requested Track @ #1 is:
Doja Cat - Woman

The Hitlist - Best Hit Music Mix
The music at the moment.

Listen To 80s Music
Top 80's Hits

Real R&B - Radio
The best mix of R&B songs.

Double 0's - Y2K Hits
Music from the 1st Decade Of the 2000's.

Old School Radio Hits
Listen To Backbounce

Direct Listen Links For Powerhitz Channels

The URL's below are the links to each station.  Copy the URL into Winamp (Play URL) or iTunes (Direct/Play URL).  You may also copy the URL directly  into a web browser or a game console or other media player.

Station/Channel   Winamp/i-Tunes/RealPlayer/Windows Media
or other Standalone Player
Hot 108 Jamz (hip hop) http://live.powerhitz.com/hot108?aw_0_req.gdpr=true 128k (PLS)
1Power (top 40/hip hop) http://live.powerhitz.com/1power?aw_0_req.gdpr=true 128k (PLS)
Office Mix (soft pop) http://live.powerhitz.com/officemix?aw_0_req.gdpr=true 128k (PLS)
Hitlist (top 40) http://live.powerhitz.com/hitlist?aw_0_req.gdpr=true 128k (PLS)
Real RnB (r&b hits) http://live.powerhitz.com/realrnb?aw_0_req.gdpr=true 128k (PLS)
Bumpin Classic Soul http://live.powerhitz.com/bumpin?aw_0_req.gdpr=true 128k (PLS)
Pure Classic Rock http://live.powerhitz.com/pureclassicrock?aw_0_req.gdpr=true 128k (PLS)
Timeblender (classic hits) http://live.powerhitz.com/timeblender?aw_0_req.gdpr=true 128k (PLS)
The Planet (alternative rock) http://live.powerhitz.com/planet?aw_0_req.gdpr=true 128k (PLS)
Sensational 70's http://live.powerhitz.com/70s?aw_0_req.gdpr=true 128k (PLS)
Ultimate 80's http://live.powerhitz.com/ultimate80s?aw_0_req.gdpr=true 128k (PLS)
90's Area http://live.powerhitz.com/90sarea?aw_0_req.gdpr=true 128k (PLS)
Double 00's (2000-2009) http://live.powerhitz.com/00s?aw_0_req.gdpr=true 128k (PLS)
BackBounce (Old School) http://live.powerhitz.com/backbounce?aw_0_req.gdpr=true 128k (PLS)
Total Country http://live.powerhitz.com/country?aw_0_req.gdpr=true 128k (PLS)
The Heart (Love Songs) http://live.powerhitz.com/lovesongs?aw_0_req.gdpr=true 128k (PLS)
Smoov (Smooth Jazz) http://live.powerhitz.com/smoothjazz?aw_0_req.gdpr=true 128k (PLS)
Glory 107 (Gospel) http://live.powerhitz.com/gospel?aw_0_req.gdpr=true 128k (PLS)
Christmas Hits http://live.powerhitz.com/xmas?aw_0_req.gdpr=true 128k (PLS)
Wild 99 (Hispanic Rhythm) http://live.powerhitz.com/wild?aw_0_req.gdpr=true 128k (PLS)

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